Tiree Day 1

It’s actually day 2 now but I had some trouble getting images off my camera – so slightly late update…   After a 9 and a half hour drive from Cardiff we arrived in Oban at around 5.30am. I had stayed up for a good portion of the night as a driving buddy. As the … More Tiree Day 1

Conductive Rubber Band Game Controller

Now come on, this is too damn cool: http://aipanic.com/doku.php?id=projects:rubberarms an experimental physics video game controlled by a conductive rubber cord from Adafruit – absolutely need one of these for modular synth expression control – maybe it’s a good opportunity to get stuck into some DAC programming! If like me you are in the UK, a … More Conductive Rubber Band Game Controller

Pixy(CMUcam5) Computer Object Learning and Recognition Made Easy

The Pixy(CMUcam5) is an open source piece of hardware that according to Charmed Labs, can learn new objects with the press of a button. The module also has libraries available for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black to make coding as painless as possible. It costs around £70 in the UK right now which will … More Pixy(CMUcam5) Computer Object Learning and Recognition Made Easy