Holy smokes! We only went and did it! Our scalable automated plant care system won in the “Best in Remote Monitoring” category in the “Exploring Cellular IoT with the Hologram Nova and Raspberry Pi” competition hosted by Hackster.io! You can view all the winning entries here: https://www.hackster.io/contests/hologram And follow the link to our project: https://www.hackster.io/csad-iot-crop-care/csad-iot-crop-care-project-08983c?ref=challenge&ref_id=104&offset=6More Woooooo!

Tiree Day 1

It’s actually day 2 now but I had some trouble getting images off my camera – so slightly late update…   After a 9 and a half hour drive from Cardiff we arrived in Oban at around 5.30am. I had stayed up for a good portion of the night as a driving buddy. As the … More Tiree Day 1