I am a techie, researcher and lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University and otherwise a human person with a keen interest in hacking and the Maker Community. I am also a musical human person and you can take a listen at your own discretion here, but you probably shouldn’t.

My creative and professional work is largely based around electronics, I am self taught as an engineer (ok I am more of a hacker!) as my background is in the arts. I found a healthy love for electronics as an under-grad and got into analogue synthesizer design shortly after my studies. I worked for a period at Modal Electronics ltd. as a Hardware Development Engineer and worked on and with a number of their high-end  synthesizers. In 2016 I moved back into academia and I now specialise in embedded design and programmable technology with a particular focus on the Internet of Things and embedded audio.

I currently work as a research assistant across a number of projects as part of the Cariad and Fab-Cre8 research collectives at Cardiff School of Art and Design. I most recently worked as a RA technician on the international design for dementia project LAUGH. I am currently principle investigator on a project exploring practical and creative applications of IoT (funded through Fab-Cre8), and I am also contributing embedded design solutions to a number of other projects.

I am currently helping out with the setup of a MakerSpace in Maindee, Newport – it is in early form right now, but we plan to take over the world! (or at least Maindee).

This site is designed to be a hub for my academic work and interest, and as such you will find a range of things here from my own experiments to tutorials and learning resources for anyone to dig into, to various articles and interesting items I come across on the web.

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Twitter: @aidanrtaylor

GitHub: @AidanTek